CCM hockey sticks have gone through a serious revamping over the past couple of catalog years, and they are hitting full-steam with the brand new CCM Ribcor Reckoner hockey stick. The Reckoner will be the next volume in the Ribcor saga, and it’s not just your traditional upgrades that are coming from CCM. Every year we hear from manufacturers, “this stick is lighter and more durable than ever before!”, so we are used to that rhetoric. When a stick comes out with a different look and design, that’s when heads start popping up. We have a little preview of what CCM pros like John Tavares, Matt Duchene, and David Perron will be using to beat the NHL’s best goalies this year.

CCM stuck to the same core concepts that have traditionally worked for the Ribcor line, and those were: provide optimized puck feel, and build a stick that can give the shooter the quickest release. With that being said, the goal of the technology is still the same, but the presentation has evolved. While the Ribcor 40K featured the classic Rib design that gave the Ribcor its name, the new Reckoner will move away from that, featuring a concaved hosel section that will replace the previous multiple-rib design. The multiple-rib design isn’t disappearing however, you will still be able find it on the Ribcor 46K model this year. This new contoured shaft design from CCM is called their PopMatrix technology and it will be featured on the 48K as well. The idea behind this design is the same as when the Ribcor had ribs, the fibers remain in tension to provide the shooter with a quick energy transfer when shooting. CCM’s Technora shaft material is used to reinforce these ribs, giving you the durability you need to get into the corners and dig. Flex point will not change with this upgrade. You are still getting that low kick point that has always worked for the Ribcor line.

Turning to the blade, CCM has taken a similar approach to upgrading this important feature. Last season, the Ribcor 40K utilized the SXX2 blade design, and while CCM has aimed for a similar result, they have changed things up a bit here too. The Ribcor Reckoner will feature CCM’s all new Ascent Blade. This blade will function and look similar to its predecessor, the SXX2, but will have key upgrades. For starters, the blade is lighter. That’s usually a win. But more importantly, CCM has revised the blade design to give it a softer heel. As you travel down the blade, the shaft becomes stiffer and stiffer until it culminates in an extra stiff blade toe. The soft heel is meant to work with you when dishing out and receiving passes, and the extra stiff toe is ideal for ripping quick shots off the toe and dangling past defensemen.


We recently weighed the Ribcor Reckoner in for our Stick Weight Database and it weighed in at 426 grams, placing it right alongside plenty of other pro-level sticks. Are you going to pick up the newest edition Ribcor? Check out the Reckoner and let us know what you think!

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